Top 10 Reasons to take a New York City Food Tours of Queens

New York City Food Tours of Queens

Any foodie worth their salt (pun intended) has been on or at least researched New York City Food Tours. New York City, with its eclectic blend of history, culture, socioeconomics, and personalities, is rife with fresh, delicious, and inventive foods. You can find food tours that focus on pizza, sidewalk vendors, or desserts, but if you really want a New York food experience that offers anything and everything you want to taste, you have got to leave Manhattan and check out one of the most diverse and under-appreciated boroughs out there, Queens.

Most New Yorkers only venture into Queens when they go to JFK or La Guardia, and tourists hardly think of this borough at all. Considering that Queens is geographically the largest borough, second largest in population, and most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, it is shocking that the thought of a New York City food tours of Queens doesn’t immediately illicit thoughts of crossing the East River for some authentic and delicious cuisine.

So why should you commit to a food tour in Queens? Check out our Top 10 reasons to brave the subway ride, and enjoy everything Queens has to offer.

Queens is Diverse

In 2015, Lonely Planet named Queens as the #1 destination in the USA, stating that “Nowhere is the image of New York as the global melting pot truer than Queens.” And what does ethnic diversity almost always guarantee? Copious options when it comes to sampling global cuisine! Our New York City food tour won’t just show off Queens, but it will show off some of the best global dining options in the entirety of New York City. Don’t miss your chance to find something new and discover a new favorite.

Queens is up-and-coming

With prices in Manhattan and Brooklyn skyrocketing, many young, savvy New Yorkers are setting up shop in Queens. More than 27% of New York’s population resides in Queens, but it still hasn’t developed as a popular destination for tourists—just yet. If you want a truly authentic experience where the locals eat, then forget the East Village and head our way instead.

Our tour guides love it here

Have you ever been on a tour and thought, “Does this guy even know what he’s talking about?” You won’t wonder that on our tour. Our guides are natives; they are incredibly passionate about their home and excited to share that passion with you.

We are committed to supporting our locals

We are very proud to support locally owned, and operated, Queens’s establishments who themselves are committed to using only locally sourced ingredients and organic, humanely raised meats. All food enjoyed on the tour is paid for by us as part of fostering and building community relationships.  Your participation in our New York City food tours of Queens helps support each local restaurant we visit.

Go to Manhattan to taste, come to Queens to eat!

“Tasting” does not adequately describe what we offer on our in Queens. We aren’t talking about bites of pizza, sample plates of chicken makhani, or serving spoons of cannoli filling. All our tastings offer a REAL and UNIQUE dining experience with a menu specially chosen to reflect the identity of the surrounding neighborhood. And, of course, nobody leaves hungry.

Get off the usual path

You’ve seen Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and even made it across the Brooklyn Bridge. We are sure your starving by now. Time to fill up in Queens! Trade a New York minute for a leisurely afternoon, and come discover something new.

Learn a little history while you nosh

Our Long Island City food tour features a burger that has been made with the same recipe for over 100 years. Not only will you get a taste of the past, but you will get an eyeful of it too. The industrial architecture in Queens is as stunning as it is unique. Couple that with the burgeoning art scene and this experience will be unlike any other.

Discover new favorites

How many of you visit authentic French patisseries regularly? We are guessing, not many. It’s time to let a food tour open your eyes to unique and unexpected flavors. Try something you’ve never tried before, order something unique and scary, or just trust us to make the decisions for you! You never know which discovery will become a family favorite.

Become a part of our community

Queens is tight-knit and proud of our borough. By visiting the mom-and-pop eateries on our New York City food tours of Queens, you will feel the sense of community that our native tour guides feel every day. So pull up a seat and join the family!

Bond with your own family

Our tours are accommodating and children-friendly. It will be a dynamic and exciting three hours, so if you are raising a foodie, bring them along and let us share our passion, excitement, and palettes with you and your loved ones. What better way to spend an afternoon than breaking bread with the people that you love?

Our goal is to associate this incredible borough with awesome food and even better people. Manhattan gets skyscrapers and Central Park, Brooklyn is home to Coney Island and hipsters, the Bronx gets the Yankees and Staten Island, their iconic ferry. From today forward, when people say “Queens” we want them to think about nothing but food!

So the next time you or your loved ones have a free afternoon, get the urge to explore somewhere new, or just get a little hungry, book a New York City food tours of Queens with us and spend 3 joyous hours walking, chatting, eating, and learning.