8 Reasons to take a Queens Food Tours if you’re a local

That’s right, we’re not just for tourists. Here are 8 reasons why our food tours are great for NYC locals too.

1.) It’s fun! (and different)

There’s a reason why food tours are often the top activity in any city that haves them. Just read the reviews!

2.) Get to know Queens awesome culinary scene

Did you know we had one? We are more than just the NY Mets and the airports.

3.) Discover a New Favorite Restaurant—or Five!

In 3 hours, you will get to test the waters at a handful of different restaurants. Think of it as several delicious mini-experiences, one right after another. If that doesn’t sound like taste-bud-heaven, then we don’t know what does.

4.) Take a 3 Hour Vacation

It’s pretty fast paced living in NYC. You’re busy. You work hard. Take a little break. Escape the crowd and forget the daily grind, work, chores, and kids (unless you want to bring them along) – and enjoy 3 hours with us.  You’ll eat well, learn interesting information, meet new friends, enjoy old friends, while walking it all off in the process.

5.) Eat Something New. Learn Something new

Food is the main event on a food tour, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing going on. On most food tours, you’ll learn about some of the most intriguing history and points of interest your city has to offer. Who knows what you might discover – what makes your city what it is today? How did the food culture grow in your region? Who were the significant players in the city’s early days? It’ll be the most delicious learning experience you’ve ever had!

6.) Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Why not? You will discover hidden gems in Queens whether it is an eatery to add to your dining repertoire, an architectural embellishment you have never noticed or a historical fact to add to your trivial pursuit knowledge.

7.) Support Local “Mom and Pop” Businesses

We are very proud to support locally owned, and operated, Queens’s establishments who themselves are committed to using only locally sourced ingredients and organic, humanely raised meats. All food enjoyed on the tour is paid for by us as part of fostering and building community relationships. Your participation on our food tours helps support each local restaurant we visit.

8.) Answer’s the Age-Old Question of ‘What to do this weekend?’

For something fun, unique and different this weekend whether it’s with the family, friends, or loved ones, we got you covered!