Where to Eat on Labor Day Weekend in Queens

Are you firing up the grill this holiday weekend? If not, there are plenty of great food alternatives – not just barbecued chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Here are a few top-rated shops and restaurants in Queens, NY we recommend visiting.


Ovelia, in Astoria, NY, aka ‘Greek Chic’, is popular for their Grilled Kalamari and Hummus with chickpea, tahini, roasted garlic and black olive. Don’t leave the table without ordering their zesty Mediterranean Greek salad.

The restaurant offers outdoor seating, which is a plus. If you’re local, you can order delivery ($20 minimum). They are open Labor Day, but hours may vary.

Tip: Ovelia offers exquisite food, but if you’re in a Gyro mood, stop by Gyro World, their tzatziki sauce and stuffed grape leaves are delicious.


If you just want to hibernate for the holiday and watch movies, you can enjoy eating sandwiches from an Italian deli. Sorriso’s butcher shop has an assortment of cured meats and other prepared foods.

They’re famous for their homemade tomato sauce, Italian salumeria and fresh mozzarella. But, if you’re suddenly in a mood for pastrami, they’ll gladly fix you a pastrami on rye with a Kosher pickle on the side.


Trinciti Roti Shop & Restaurant

You don’t have to go all the way to Eastern Parkway, for the West Indian Carnival and Parade, on Monday, to enjoy Roti. This dine-in takeout Roti shop, located on Lefferts Blvd, Queens NY serves a variety of West Indian (Trinidadian) foods.

Try a couple of doubles and veggie Roti with spinach and tamarind sauce. Their peanut punch adds a nice touch to
their meals. The veggie Roti with pumpkin is a favorite, when it’s in season.

Tip: If you’re not crazy about pepper, make sure you tell the one who prepares your food to go easy on the pepper. This Roti shop is open Labor Day, but hours may vary.

Manor Oktoberfest

If you love authentic German food, Manor Oktoberfest, in Forest Hills, NY, should be on your list. They also have a an Atlas Park location. Try their fried Pierogies with sour cream. The veggie burgers are A-1, but you ‘gotta’ have them with cheese. Their crispy potato pancakes are the best. Try their awesome selection of desserts. Oktoberfest is open during this holiday weekend, but closed Labor Day.

Additional Queens restaurants you can visit include Sripraphai (Asian, Thai) in Woodside or Nick’s Pizza in Forest Hills. Don’t forget to call and check their holiday schedule. By the way, if you’re looking for a nice diner, USA Diner in Rosedale, NY is a throwback diner serving American food 24/7. Call ahead of time because they may have holiday hours.