Queens is awesQueensome! But so underrated!

Sure, Queens might lack the glamour of Manhattan, but where we fall short  in the majestic skyscrapers, we more than make up in our complex makeup.

As the largest and most diverse borough, Queens’ identity comes from the 150+ nationalities that calls this borough home. It has a population of approximately 2.3 million residence, where nearly half are foreign born. If each New York City borough were an independent city, Queens would be among the nations most populous city right after Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn. The beauty of it all is how Queens has been able to retain its cultural identity. No neighborhood is the same and each offers its own  history, traditions and food.

So with this much ethnic diversity its not hard to imagine that Queens offers more culinary variety and global food culture than any other parts of New York City. And to best explore that? Well, we over at Queens Food Tours believe that food just happens to hold the key to the doors of different cultures. From the endless varieties of dumplings in Flushing Chinatown to the sweet baklavas of Astoria. The spicy curries of Jackson Heights to the Caribbean platters of Jamaica. It’s easy to see why the world must first land in Queens to enter New York City.

Our mission is quite simple: To showcase the diversity and authenticity of Queens’ through its culinary front starting with Long Island City, the Western point tip also known as “gateway to Queens”. We hope you give us the opportunity to share our cultural discoveries and culinary knowledge with you. Let us introduce you to the best of the best, opening up a whole new world (literally) just waiting to be explored! Book your tour now and let’s explore Queens food scene, one bite at a time! We promise you won’t be disappointed!